About Us

Mind Opera is a creative studio that creates high-impact experiences for widescreen and multi-display installations and events. With our technical expertise in Dataton’s WATCHOUT system, we efficiently guide ideas from concept to screen. Known for our collaborative nature, Mind Opera melds with your organization and process on the design, programming, display and maintenance of branded visual content.

David Johnson is the founder and president of Mind Opera.

David graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography and has worked with leading brands since 1994, when he started Mind Opera. David oversees a studio with roots in photography, film and marketing communications. Because of this background, Mind Opera balances the science of WATCHOUT with the art of visual storytelling and branding. Our understanding of composition, timing, lighting, music and venue dynamics helps to bridge the design process and deliver emotional experiences for display on multiple screens.

Mark Feijo is a Producer, Director with over 20 years of experience in film, television, and multimedia production.

Mark graduated from California State University, with a major in screenwriting.  For over 10 years he worked in Los Angeles on several  feature films and high profile commercial projects. He also worked in developing and distribution for Warner Brother’s Village Roadshow and the indy Myriad Pictures.  He created one of the first venues for short films on the web (long beforeYouTube). His feature length documentary work has been showcased around the world through the Discovery Channel.

Bryan Schaeffer is a Creative Director with 13 years experience advertising, design and multimedia in the Seattle Area.

Bryan is a true maestro who wields his BFA degree and histechnical prowess to create immersive, larger-than-lifeexperiences. His ability to bring brands to life with motion, soundand interactive elements has wowed audiences from aroundthe globe.Clients such as The Puyallup Fair, The Port of Seattle, and The Space Needle, have had the thrill of seeing their brand identity transformed into a dynamic “visual composition in space and time.”  His extensive experience in creating motion graphics for high-profile events, web media and broadcast television has involved storyboarding concepts through overseeing the production of a 90 minute interactive presentation for Microsoft MGX, which was delivered live in Super HD on a ninety-foot wide curved screen.

Mind Opera is a proud member of the American Association of Museums, the American Marketing Association and Ad Club Seattle.